How do I log into the MSRB GIS location information website tool?


Those member company users and  member company direct contracted retail/wholesale agent representatives can access the GIS tool on the members page menu bar.  Accessing the member's page requires an application for access and authorized users will be approved for access.  Authorized users must first log into the website to see the member's page. This is a change, access to the GIS previously only required the link to the site, the link is now protected/embedded within the MSRB website members section.  

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How do I submit sprinkler plans?

When a contractor wants to submit sprinkler plans for review they must do three things.

  1. Send the Bureau at least two copies of the sprinkler plans and calculations.
  2. Postage paid return label is required.
  3. They need to send the plans and calculations to the Mississippi State Rating Bureau P.O. Box 5231 Jackson Mississippi 39296-5231 or 6455 Wirtz Road Flowood Mississippi 39232 to the attention of the Sprinkler Department.

We will review the plans and calculations, we will send at least one copy of the plans and calculations back to the sprinkler contractor with our stamp and a letter.  We will keep one copy of the plans and calculations for our records. 

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How do I recover my password?

Under "MEMBER LOG IN" there is a link to recover forgotten passwords.

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